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Welcome to 5th Grade Social Studies

I can't wait to teach your children the wonderful pillars of Social Studies here in the middle school.  We will cover history, technology, economics and so much more.  :)

Flag Duty and Pledge Duty
Flag and Pledge

Students will have the opportunity to participate in Flag and Pledge Duty during their 1st and 7th period classes in 5th grade.  During the first few weeks of class students will be trained in how to put the flag up and take it down as well as folding it. 
Students will also recite the pledge with Mr. Arndt or Mr. Jones during the morning announcements.

Textbook Help Site

This is a wonderful website you can go to get help with Social Studies skills and it aligns right with your textbook.

February 12th through February 16th

Classwork- Quiz
Homework-  none

Classwork- Reflections/PowerPoint for Chapter
Homework- none unless not completed

Classwork- Continue PowerPoint
Homework- none unless behind

Classwork- Continue Powerpoint
Homework- none unless not done

Classwork- Wrap up PowerPoint
Homework- You made it enjoy your weekend!


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