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Weekly Announcements

1.) There is an extra credit opportunity every school day for the month of February on Google Classroom. February is a time when we celebrate the history of African Americans and how they have influenced American culture. Throughout the month, Americans should acknowledge African American history as it is filled up with struggle, achievements, movements, and people who have helped shape American history!

Throughout the month of February, I will be posting on Google Classroom ways for you to receive extra credit. The activity is called, "Who am I." I will post a clue about an African American. It will be your job to figure out the name of the person that the description matches. This activity is meant to promote better researching skills.

Once you have figured out who the person is, leave a comment on the Announcement. The first three people to comment the correct answer will receive the extra credit. You only get one guess, and I will not reveal the answer until the following day.

The extra credit will be added in Power School at the end of the month.
Weekly Agenda
2/12- 2/16
Classwork-YAP PRESENTATION MAKEUPS & Early Challenges Breakout EDU

Classwork- 9.2 Kahoot!
Homework- 9.3 Guided Reading due Thursday, February 15th.

Classwork- Rise to Political Parties
9.3 Guided Reading due Thursday, February 15th.

Classwork- Hamilton vs. Jefferson
Homework- None

Classwork- Election of 1796
Homework- None

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